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Ketamine in Depression and Mood

Ketamine is Research Supported in the Following Conditions:

Treatment Resistant Depression
Major Depressive Disorder

Alcohol Abuse Disorder


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We are a Level II OHP (Out of Hospital Premise) approved by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario for administering ketamine 

Our centre has undergone the OHP approval process with all policies, procedures, staff training, equipment, and approaches having been reviewed and approved to ensure they meet the safety standards of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario. 

Ketamine can have significant benefit for patients with indicated conditions, but it is important to know that it must be administered in an appropriate setting with physicians that have experience with the medication. 

Referral Process

For ketamine in mood disorders our centre requires that patients have either an active family doctor or psychiatrist involved in their care. We collaborate with academic psychiatrists that assess and monitor eligible patients before and during ketamine therapy. For referring psychiatrist that are comfortable with ketamine therapy and would like to continue to care for their patients during treatment, contact our centre as we offer an affiliation pathway for psychiatrists.


For patients and physicians looking to treat chronic pain please contact our centre for information as a result of recent changes to Ministry of Health coverage. 

Transparent and Fixed Pricing

For non-OHIP covered conditions (Including Depression, MDD, and PTSD) our centre recognizes the need to provide the service at a fair and accessible cost. Recognizing this, our costing has the goal of making our service as accessible as possible to all patients who may benefit from it while ensuring that their treatment is done in a safe and regulatory compliant manner with the appropriate equipment, specialists, and follow-up. 

Ketamine IV Infusion for Mood Disorder     $375 (per treatment)

Intranasal Ketamine Monitoring                    $250 (per treatment-excludes drug cost)

About Ketamine

Intravenous (IV) ketamine has been used for many years as an anesthetic drug, and in recent years has found to be effective for the treatment of certain mental health and chronic pain conditions.


IV ketamine must be prescribed by your treating psychiatrist or chronic pain physician and needs to be administered carefully in a monitored setting. The staff physicians at Restore are all academic specialist anesthesiologists and are very familiar with this drug and its monitoring needs.

When administered in a medical setting with close monitoring and infrequent dosing, there is virtually no potential for addiction or abuse of IV ketamine. To find out more please call or email and ask to speak to one of our physicians

Additionally we provide intranasal ketamine (Esketamine) monitoring and administration as an alternative to IV ketamine. Call and speak to us about which option may work best for your condition. 

 Ketamine for Depression and Mood Disorders

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