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Doctor and Patient

About The Clinic

Ontario Ketamine and Infusion Centre is a division of Restore Medical Centre focusing on delivering high quality and evidence based monitored medication administration services. Our centre is exclusively staffed by academic anesthesiologists and affiliated psychiatrists with one of our physicians always on site during treatments to assess patients and address any questions. We are committed to providing the highest quality care in a modern, comfortable and safe environment.

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Monitored Medication Administration

As anesthesiologists, all of our staff have extensive expertise in the administration and monitoring of medications that have unique routes of administration. This includes intravenous, intranasal, and intrathecal drug routes. Our physicians are vital to the safe delivery of medications that may have sedating properties or require prolonged infusions and monitoring for side effects. We provide care identical to that received in a hospital setting with full modern monitoring equipment (ECG, NIBP, SPO2, ETCO2) and medical infusion systems which are all Health Canada approved. Our centre is fully equipped and certified for resuscitation. 

Hyperbaric Medicine

Our centre's parent division Restore Hyperbaric Oxygen and Medical Centre is a modern hyperbaric unit staffed by academic anesthesiologists. For more information visit


We are located at 1000 Middlegate Road - Suite 105, Mississauga, Ontario, L4Y 1M4.

The clinic can be accessed from either Middlegate Road or The Queensway.

The building is clearly labelled One Heart Centre, and there is a large parking lot in front of the building. Please use this parking lot and we will validate your parking slip.

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